X-mas treet

Somehow there is something magical about Christmas that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings more than any other time of year. Streets filled with a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful Christmas decorations, and there always is a dying Christmas tree decorated with shining lights in my living room. I always wait for Christmas all year long, but Christmas just comes and disappears in the blink of an eye.

This little piece of work has been made in the hope that we can live everyday like a joyful Christmas. Christmas brings us hope. Soon the winter will be over, and spring will be on the way. When the whole world is suffering from the pandemic, that's what we need the most.

It can be used not only for Christmas but all the long year through. If you observe 'X-mas Treet' carefully enough, you will be able to come up with more creative uses.


This X-mas Treet can serve you as

1. A candle holder

2. An Espresso cup

3. Sauce plates or Dipping bowls set

4. A cup cover (It fits perfectly whatever it is)

5. Of course as it just is during Christmas season. ;)


X-mas Treet was made by Korean ceramic designer Minji Jung. 'Colored porcelain casting slip' applied on the Ceramics.

Year: 2020

Dimensions: Various sizes

Material: Porcelain